At Deepdale Community Primary School, we see every child as a unique individual with the capacity to thrive and be successful.  Our school motto of ‘Harmony in Diversity’ underpins a broad and balanced curriculum, which aims to ensure that children leave their primary education as confident, resilient learners with a thirst for knowledge.  Our end goal is to teach our children to be mature, curious and eager within the community they are part of.  Anything is possible!  As a result of our ambitious and carefully planned curriculum that meets the needs of all of our pupils, children will continually develop as secure readers with an extensive vocabulary in order that they continue to understand the wider world that they are part of.  We encourage problem solving, critical thinking and effective communication across every curriculum subject.  By the time our pupils leave their primary phase of education, our valued curriculum will have ensured that they are eager to move on to the next stage of learning; they take pride in their work, can justify their opinions thoughtfully and manage their emotions carefully whilst always taking others in to consideration.  At Deepdale Community Primary School, our shared vision is that every child is challenged from their individual starting point onwards.  Every child is engaged in their learning and thrives in our continued care.